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All Wheels Driver Training – One of the Top Driving Schools in North York

Are you still asking someone from your family or a friend to teach you how to drive? Well, it’s time that you seek out All Wheels Driver Training for professional driving lessons in North York. We know the disadvantages of simply asking someone to teach you: you get yelled at when you make a mistake, your “instructor” doesn’t have patience with you, and most of all, some important aspects are not covered.

Why choose professionals to teach you?

Everyone is unique, and each person has different learning styles when it comes to taking in new information. An expert knows how to spot that and customize his lesson plan according to the student’s needs. That’s why we prefer to be called educators rather than instructors. We’ll help you conquer your first day fears, provide support, share our skills, and answer your questions as we journey to the end of the course.

It’s common for learners, whether you’re 20 or 60, to be anxious during lessons. We’re equipped to quell your nerves, and help you focus on being a confident and alert driver instead. So, whether you’re signing up for a refresher course and wishing to regain confidence or a first timer, choosing All Wheels Driver Training is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Why Choose Us from Among Other Driving Schools in North York?

Since 1992, we have helped a lot of clients learn valuable lessons in defensive driving. With each step, we’ll relate the importance of following traffic rules. As such, it is our vision to create safer roads for driving in North York and everywhere else.

Everyone here is excited to share our knowledge and skills. Our trainers are highly experienced and have a deep passion for driving. It’s important for us to hire experts who are also polite, patient and sensitive to your needs. You’ll not only learn how to drive, you’ll also have access to vital information such as car maintenance, general safety, and proper posture.

We have packages that will suit every budget, and if you don’t have time for a full course, you can choose any of our mini packages that meet your requirements. Got something on your mind? Get in touch with us by sending us an email at or simply pick up the phone, dial 416.497.0204 or send a text to 416-357-4612, and we’ll gladly answer your questions and concerns.

All Wheels Driver Training is the North York driving school you can truly rely on.

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