All Wheels Driver Training – First Rate Driving Lessons in Markham

Anyone can drive, but not everyone can master the art of driving efficiently. If you’re looking for driving schools in Markham, All Wheels Driver Training should be your first choice. Our friendly, highly qualified trainers can teach you all that you need to know to drive your vehicle. Just as every person is unique, your vehicle has its own unique characteristics as well. Bad practices and wrong handling will lead to a number of problems – shorter engine life, high fuel consumption, faster wear and tear of clutch lining and a lot more.

Those things can certainly be prevented and the first step is to sign up for a ministry approved education program. You’ll have 20 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours of easy homework, 10 hours of in-car training guided by a qualified driving instructor, and more. The number of hours in the classroom is just as important as the hands-on training as we want you to learn all the essentials, including traffic rules and general safety.

Work with Our Friendly and Qualified Driving Instructor in Markham

At All Wheels Driver Training, we give you the assurance that you’re in good hands with top rated professionals who understand your needs. They are:

• Patient – If you have trouble with certain aspects, your instructor will patiently explain, remind or teach you again.

• Reliable – This is extremely important when every minute counts. Instructors value your time and will show up in time for lessons.

• Passionate – We make sure everyone on board love what they are doing. As much as they have passion for driving, they’re also willing to share their skills and knowledge with their students.

• Honest and Diplomatic – Every client is important to us! We treat each one with the utmost respect.

• Disciplined – We’re always ready to serve you. Our cars, classrooms and instructors are ready for lessons and training as scheduled.

One of the Trusted MTO Approved Driving Schools in Markham

And we plan to keep it that way! Start your training today at All Wheels Driver Training. Take a look at our education programs and see which one is best for your needs. Be a safe and qualified driver in no time at all. If you have questions about our packages, get in touch with us today. Pick up the phone and call us at 416-497-0204 or send us an email at We’re always available for queries and provide support for enrolled students as well.

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