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PRICE LIST All prices subject to HST

20hrs Classroom /10hrs Homework /10hrs in-car training
$ 00.00
Approved Beginner
Driver Education Program
$ 369.00 +HST
Reg. $369.00
               20hrs in Classroom /10hrs Homework /10hrs in-car training + G2 Road Test
$ 00.00
Approved Beginner
Driver Education Program
$ 454.00 +HST
Reg. $454.00

Mini Packages-
Mini Package 1
Mini Package 2
Mini Package 3
Mini Package 4
3HWY/G Test
You can tailor a package to suit your needs by choosing from any of these individually priced services.
1-Each hour of in-car training for G2 $40.00/hr
2 or more Hours of In-Car Training For G2 $35.00/hr
G2 Road Test with school car to Metro East or Tor Downsview centre. $100.00
1-Each Hour Highway of In-Car Training for G $45/hr
G Road Test with school car to Metro east/or Downsview centre
MTO Insurance discount Certification fee (will be added to Option#1 & Option # 2 Courses) $29.50
G2 and G road test to Newmarket/Oshawa/port union or any other centre  please call. 416-497-0204


The Best Airbrake Driving Courses/Lessons and Cheap and Honest Driving Schools for New Comers in North York and Scarborough, Ontario (ON)

Driving a truck or a heavy road vehicle? Experience high-performance driving that’s safe and manageable with All Wheels Driver Training in North York and Scarborough, Ontario. Apart from being one of the best ON driving schools with cheap driving lessons for new comers, our company is also an expert provider of driving courses on airbrakes for large vehicles. With over 23 years of excellent reputation, Our honest and experienced instructors on airbrakes are all duly qualified to train and equip you in handling heavy road vehicles – gearing you up for proper, efficient, and safe operation of trucks, buses, trailers and more.

Airbrakes Training Courses in Scarborough and North York, ON

Become a qualified transportation industry professional as we bring you a worthy investment through knowledgeable instruction, skillful practice, and carefully designed driving lessons with compressed airbrake systems. Whether you’re planning to drive a large truck, trailer, a bus, or a semi-trailer, suitable driving courses are necessary for maximum control and performance of your vehicle and ultimate driver safety while on the road.

Our driving lessons for airbrakes are available in two locations in Ontario:

North York:
Hwy 401 / Weston Road
Saturday & Sunday: 8.00am to 5.00pm
Hwy 401 / Victoria Park
Saturday & Sunday: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Equip yourself with the right airbrakes training and make the most out of your drive with All Wheels Driver Training in North York and Scarborough, Ontario. Course fees must be paid in advance to reserve your spot. For more inquiries on airbrakes driving lessons and courses, give our direct line a call at 416-357-4612 today.

Are you a beginner at driving? All Wheels Driver Training is one of the most ideal driving schools offering the best for new comers. Check out our cheap driving courses in Toronto and get your G2 license with the help of our friendly, honest, and highly qualified driving instructors.

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