north york driving schoolI couldn’t wait to be 16, as I have always wanted to drive. Today, thanks to the patient and supportive trainers at All Wheels Drive, I not only passed my Driver’s test with flying colors, but also won my dad’s trust. My dad was always worried about my ability to drive, as he perceived me to be lacking concentration. The instructors at All Wheels Drive worked with me on helping me to improve my focus and concentration while driving, and it has helped me to become more confident and an alert driver behind the wheel. I can’t wait to get a chance to drive my dad about as it will make him happy.

I would recommend anyone looking to be a safe and alert driver to try learning at this great school. Thanks folks!!!
- Maria 

driving lessons torontoDriving was not really my thing; I always felt looking at brother while growing up. I felt that it was a lot of effort to park, maintain focus and seemed like a tiring thing to do. My friends goaded me to try learning how to drive at All Wheel Drive so I enrolled for them, not really interested in it. To my utter surprise, my instructor recognized a natural instinct in me as a driver, which is very important and he assured me that I do have it in me to be a great driver. This display of encouragement egged me on to be more involved in my driving classes and I cleared my driving test without a hitch.

Today, when I drive my friends around, they are surprised to see me enjoying myself behind the wheel. I am going to expand my horizons just like my driving instructor taught me to.
- Christina

driving lessons torontoI was 12, when our family was involved in a bad road accident with my dad behind the wheel; luckily no one was badly hurt. But this incident left me with ingrained fear towards driving. As I became 15, my dad offered me his car asking me to take the wheel but I always resisted. Finally, just for my family, I enrolled at All Wheels Drive, pretending to like driving.As I kept going for my classes, my friendly trainer, sensed the fear and very patiently taught me the basics of driving. He put a lot of emphasis on safe driving, making me feel good about it.

Little did I realize, that I had started enjoying myself and gave my driving test with confidence. I am proud to say that I feel as if I am reborn every time I take to the wheel, liberated and love to go for long drives. I practice safety and encourage my friends and family to be safe drivers. Never could have done it without your team backing me.
- John C.

driving instructorWe have relocated to Canada from Australia and were settling in. My husband leaves for work and I manage the home and kids. I am a nervous driver and have always shied away from taking the car. Moving to a new country was a good excuse to prolong this, but I realized that I needed to take the car around for my kids and other errands as we live a bit far away from the city center.

Our neighbors recommend All Wheels Drive to me, for a kind of confidence building refresher training. I decided to do it and to my delight the team there made it a lovely experience for me by making me familiar with the country road rules, driving tips and tricks. I was able to find my interest coming back and of course my confidence to drive around in a new place. Thanks again for helping me find my way.
- Lisa M.

north york driving schoolI am an impulsive person and find it tough to toe the line. My family has always been concerned on this tendency causing a hindrance to my driving ability. I was never encouraged to go for a license, like the other kids. I am 22 and moving to another city to pursue my further studies. This makes it imperative for me to be independent in terms of commute. Finally, I decided to enroll myself in All Wheels Drive to try and become a reasonable good and trusted driver.

Notwithstanding my tendency, the trainer there helped me come to terms with that by focusing on my strengths which proved to be an asset. This included my high levels of agility, keen sense of alertness and ability to be a controlled driver, even at high traffic roads. This has led me to get my drivers license and I am so glad that I took the right decision o enroll with you. Keep it up!!!
- Debbie King

north york driving schoolWe are going through a financial tough time as my dad and the sole provider has been unwell these past few months. Having an internship, far away from home and school, driving there was the only way. The concern was the expense. I heard about the easy payment option available at All Wheels Drive and decided to check it out. Turned out to one of the smart choices I made.I was able to enroll on one of their easy payment plans, putting no additional pressure on my family and yet getting the best training possible. The instructors were dedicated, reassuring and very supportive.

I was able to pass my test without getting bogged down by my economic problems and thanks to these folks; I am a safe and good driver. I am able to manage my work and home, with ease and drive every day. Thanks again as it was made possible only by the thoughtfulness behind your driving plans.
- Farida

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