About Us

Who We Are?

driving instructorAll Wheels Driver Training is simply a professional team of driving education specialists. Driving instructors is not the way we like to label ourselves. Although we do provide driving instruction, of course, we’re on the list of B.D.E Beginner Driver Education Program. in Ontario. However, our driving lessons are not so much about instruction. We prefer to deliver patient, friendly education.

What We Do?

First we welcome you to our facility, no matter if you’re 16 and fresh out of school, 70 and wishing to improve your confidence behind the wheel, or anywhere in between with the desire to gain a driving license and become a qualified driver.

Then we share your journey, coaching, mentoring, guiding and supporting you from your nervous first day in the class or car. As your driving lessons progress, we look back and laugh with you, remembering those first day nerves while warning you against over-confidence and the belief that you are now a “good” driver.

Ultimately we enjoy the satisfaction, as we watch another newly qualified G license holder beaming with delight. Sometimes we feel a little sad that the journey is over, but proud to know you’ve reached your goal. We hope you’ll go on to tell others how great it was to train with one of the warmest and friendliest driving schools in Scarborough and North York.

Where And When We Do It?

driver trainingOur driving school is located in Peanut Plaza, Don Mills Road, North York. We first opened our doors here in 1992 and since then have helped many people become competent drivers. We intend to remain one of the Ministry approved driving schools in Toronto for a long time to come.

Our BDE courses run throughout the year according to the schedule published on our website. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 1.30PM to 6.00PM. Whether you are a new student or are already enrolled with us, we are always available for you on the phone. We hope to hear from you on 416497-0204.

Why We Do It?

First and Foremost, we do it because we love it. Sure, driving instruction is the way we make our living, but it’s also the way we choose to make our living. Everyone on our team shares a passion for driving. Our profession allows us to share that passion with you.

How We Do It?

Our highly experienced and professional instructors take you through the M.T.O curriculum meticulously. Our emphasis is on safety and responsibility behind the wheel. Our objective is not purely to help you obtain your full G license. We want every student to leave us with the skills to drive defensively and keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

However, we do not instruct you. We teach, train and educate you in a friendly, patient and courteous manner. Our education methods, in the classroom and during driving lessons, enable you to relax and enjoy your journey from student to qualified driver.

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